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    Tim Goulding with Stephen Housden
  • Produced
    Stephen Housden
  • Mastered
    Brian Masterson


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  1. 1Rivermouth


Rivermouth is an adaptation of the poem ‘Handmaid’ written by our Irish Professor of Poetry Paula Meehan.

The heart-warming and passionate voice of Paula Gómez is on lead vocals, Stephen Housden, no less (of Little River Band fame), on guitars, superb acoustic bass from Eleanor Healy, the tastiest of drums from Martin Leahy and angelic backing vocals from Mary Greene. Tim Goulding is on electric piano and organ and the CD is mixed and mastered by Brian Masterson.

The song has a dreamy laidback gospel feel and is about surrender both sacred and earthy.


”On reading Paula Meehan’s ‘Handmaid’ a poem to so-called sacred and profane ecstasy (as if there were a difference) I at once heard it as a song. Renaming it Rivermouth I was singing it at home when Paula Gomez and Stephen Housden came to visit. Paula instantly interpreted the song which sent thrills through me; so soulful and dynamic. We recorded it at Stephen’s studio with four other top class musicians. I consider it to be the best song I have ever written and the recording of it and the performances have been the musical highlights of my career”.

– TIM GOULDING (Dr. Strangely Strange)

”Rivermouth is the example of a great team work. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with such wonderful musicians and people. I learnt a lot from all of them and specially from Tim Goulding who put his whole heart on this Project”.


“I had been looking into the tradition of ecstatic poems by women when this poem came to me. In the longer work from which Tim Goulding has so deftly extracted this lyric, perhaps I took a more playful and ironic approach to the idea of surrender, both carnal and spiritual”.



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